Reflect on nation’s achievement, failures, says Bishop Urame


FORTY-five years as an independent nation is a long journey and everyone should critically reflect on the nation’s achievements and failures, a church head says.
The achievements are our strengths and pride while the failures are lessons to learn from and find new ways to improve, said Evangelical Lutheran Church of PNG head bishop Rev Jack Urame.
“There is huge potential to do more and better but we must admit that there are critical development challenges we must address and overcome them,” he said.
“Some of the challenges are manageable but others are not. On the occasion of our 45th independence anniversary, let us reflect on some of the challenges and address them so that future generations do not suffer the consequences of our ignorance today.
“We must admit that there is a lack of progressive development. There is an imbalance in the physical growth of our country.
“Most of the infrastructure development is concentrated in urban areas and many rural communities are neglected. Many of the colonial infrastructures are falling apart.
“Roads are deteriorating, bridges are collapsing, schools and health facilities are aging while law and order issues are increasing.
“After 45 years, life in many rural communities has not improved much while urban migration continues to increase, thus urban settlements have expanded throughout.
“This adds additional social and economic stress to the country.
“We have not sufficiently addressed the economic inequality – there are enough resources in the country to meet the needs of the citizens but living standard has not improved much and many families are living below the poverty line.”
Urame said the wealth of the nation was not properly managed.