Reforestation, management discussed at conference


A three-day conference at the Papua New Guinea Forest Research Institute in Lae discussed effective approaches to implement community-based forest management and reforestation.
The workshop that ended yesterday was attended by officials from the Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR), PNG Forest Research Institute (PNGFRI) and other partners.
PNGFRI director Dr Martin Golman said the first phase of the ACIAR project, now completed, was on the enhancement of community forestry in PNG.
He said the second phase would develop effective approaches to implementing community-based forest management and reforestation which were discussed at the conference.
The project is based on forest management and reforestation, eco-forestry and establishing policies that are effective for communities.
Golman said the project was now in its initial stage and had not been into the actual practical aspect of it but the intention was to go into the practical part of it.
“If the researches come out with effective findings which are workable, then that is the time that we would recommend to the government for the approval to get the project off the ground,” he said.
ACIAR team leader for community forestry in PNG Grahame Applegate said the funding for the second phase of the project was from the ACIAR and the University of Sunshine Coast.
He said this phase would look at community forestry and natural forests and both would involve communities, clans and ownership of land.
“The whole process will also address roles of men and women in the communities to encourage partnership during the implementation process.”
Applegate said because a lot of the issues were related to policy, ACIAR would work closely with PNG Forest Authority and the Government.

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