Reforms by govt bear fruits

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The National, Friday 7th September, 2012

CHAIRMAN and chief executive of the National Economic and Fiscal Commission Dr Nao Badu said the country has experienced development in delivery of goods and services due to policy and financial in the last 10 years.
Speaking at the National Development Forum, Badu said reforms introduced by the government have brought about commendable developments.
“There is a little green shoot.
“The reforms have worked and we have seen increased spending in the minimum priority areas.
“Reform simply means a gradually change over time so there has been little changes taking place.
“I can see the shoots of the reform.
“The government has spent money on priority areas.
“Such areas include health, education, law and order, village court and infrastructure,” Badu said.
He said the National Economic Fiscal Commission was set up in 2006 to oversee the way in which government was spending the money and admitted that provincial governments had done well.
He said since the reforms took place, many provinces were not spending wisely but had improved on their spending and their management of public funds.

Badu said the only problem now was that provincial governments were usually given funding late.
“The delay in funds is a great problem for provincial governments. What can provincial governments do if they have the funds in September and the government accounts close round about November?”
He said he did not have answers to why the national government released funding so late.
“It seems that poor provincial governments tend to spend money well on MPAs compared with the richer provincial governments.”