Refugee issue


AS a local person who has been involved in this Australian funded project, the PNG government has failed greatly to consider the vital socio-economic benefits to the Manus who have allowed their island to be used.
It is a common knowledge that PNG government benefitted immensely from this project while our hospital, roads and schools have deteriorated.
The statements by the Minister for Immigration and Border Security in The National on Aug 22 that the solution to the closure of the regional processing in Manus is to transfer refugees to Port Moresby does not stop the presence of refugees in PNG. While the closure of camps in Manus must eventuate, the transfer of refugees to Port Moresby is not the right decision.
This project will not stop until the last person leave and this may take another three years.
While the decision will benefit security contractors and subcontractors in Port Moresby, the subcontractors and 1,000 men and women in Manus will miss out on financial benefits.
What has the government have to support families in Manus when all the refugees are moved to Port Moresby?
Why the government is resettling refugees in Port Moresby when they are supposed to leave our shores for another country?
The reasons given by the Minister are shallow and he has to be transparent including the ICA because they are now managing this project.
Currently, the reduced number of refugees transferred to Port Moresby has also affected many service providers and employees being made many redundant.
The decision by the ICA to offer transfers to refugees is not true because many have been forced to leave Manus.
Manus cannot be used for political games any longer because only a few benefit.

Beautiful, beautiful Manus