Reggae superstar to hit Moresby club

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The National, Thursday January 30th, 2014


REGGAE superstar Shaggy will arrive in the country next Tuesday with his 14-piece band for a live performance at the Cosmopolitan in Port Moresby.

Chey Scovell from Sapience Entertainment said they were very proud to host Shaggy in the country.

Shaggy was nominated at the 2012 Grammys for his album “Summer in Kingston”. 

“He sold more than 20 million albums worldwide, he’s had seven number one  albums, eight number one singles, and he’s won Grammy awards,” Scovell said.

Shaggy’s hour-long show will feature Barbadian reggae singer Rayvon who has appeared on several of the stars hits such as “Angel” and “In the Summertime”. 

“We’re encouraging everybody to come in early because we will have a massive line up of opening acts at 7pm. The main show will be shortly after 9pm,” Scovell said. “We’re aware of the fact that it is on a Wednesday so we’re running it alot earlier than Mario so people can still get to work the next day.”

Shaggy will be a part of the Ragamuffin tour the following weekend in New Zealand. 

Ticket prices will be higher than in the Mario show but Sapience Entertainment says it is unavoidable.

“Mario was a big artist, Shaggy is an even bigger artist and with that comes much higher costs,” Scovell said.