Regional boxes reach Lae safely

National, Normal

The National, Friday July 20th, 2012

THE 19 regional ballot boxes from Bulolo district have safely been brought into the central tally room in Lae by polling officials, security personnel and senior public servants.
Bulolo district administrator Tae Guambalek said the quality checks had already been done in Bulolo and wouild be counted in the elimination process on the Morobe regional seat, which was currently a battle between Kasiga Kelly Naru and Governor Luther Wenge.
More than 15 vehicles packed with security personnel and officials escorted the ballot boxes into Lae from the district which was facing law and order issues following the illegal actions of losing candidates who were involved in intimidating and harassing voters and public servants.
Meanwhile, the security personnel are monitoring the situation in Bulolo following threats against Guambalek and his public servants from losing candidates who were not happy with Sam Basil’s landslide victory for a second term.