Register SIM cards, public told


THE public is urged to register mobile subscriber identification module (SIM) cards by next month or risk having the SIM cards disconnected.
This is according to Information Communication Technology Minister Timothy Masiu who yesterday said people were given this period to register their SIM cards.
“Any mobile phone SIM cards which are not registered will be automatically closed out,” he said.
“I urge people to start registering their mobile SIM cards.
He said the Government hasgiven this period through the Nicta (National Informations and Communications Authority) for people to register their mobile phone SIM cards.
Masiu said SIM registration would help authorities track people, especially social media users for misinformation.
Nicta has extended the deadline for the deactivation of unregistered SIM cards to July 31.
Chief executive officer Charles Punaha told The National previously that due to the coronavirus pandemic and the Government’s directives for a 14-day lockdown, the authority had extended the deadline to ensure all the subscribers were connected to the networks.
Kumul Telikom Holdings Ltd deputy chairman Rueben Kautu said earlier they had been complying with Nicta’s regulations in relation to preparedness for SIM card deactivation.
“We are 100 per cent compliant as we have disconnected all unregistered subscribers,” he said.
“Our new SIM are blocked when sold and unblocked only after the SIM registration is validated as per Nicta regulations.” The deactivation process of all unregistered SIM cards was initially scheduled for March 31.
This followed the Supreme Court’s dismissal of a reference filed by the Ombudsman Commission challenging the constitutional validity of the SIM card registration regulation. As a result of the Supreme Court reference and pending the court’s decision, the deactivation of unregistered SIM cards was put on hold.


  • SIM registration at this time versus COVID -19. Which of these is of urgent matter? Mobile providers you got years to fix this. Now you are coming up with deadlines. Our focus is on COVID-19. You can further extend your deadlines to next year or the year after, because you got all those years back then. People need information through social media regarding COVID-19. Please minister, think and prioritise the issues affecting the country and stop threatening the mobile users with your deadline dates.

  • As if there’s no other important issues that the country needs to solve than to talk about sim card registration.

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