Register using NID: Official

The National,Friday June 24th, 2016

The National Planning and Lands departments will be collaborating to register Incorporated Land Groups through the National Identification (NID) project, National Planning secretary Hakaua Harry says.
Speaking at the signing of an agreement between National Planning and New Britain Palm Oil, Harry said land groups had to be registered using NID cards.
“NID cards will be used by our developers in the resource industry so they know how many people there are within the vicinity, and also register employees with their families around the area,” she said.
Harry said any government initiative could not be implemented effectively unless there was a partnership between two or three groups.
She said the main purpose of the national identification initiative was for people to be able to access government and other services.
“An important aspect of a partnership is to be able to get the landowners to participate in the resource industries or initiatives by the private sector,” Harry said.
“New Britain Palm Oil has a lot of landowners that are able to effectively participate if they have registered land groups.
“The signing of the memorandum of understanding encourages other private-sector industries to participate as well as to get their employees and the partners of stakeholders that participate in the private sector to register.
“The Government has taken the initiative to register all our landowners in the Highlands under the new LNG project and existing projects in that region.
“This is through the Kandakasi initiative – it’s a similar process that we have to go through with New Britain Palm Oil – having all our partners in development register and be recognised to access services and identify who they are.
“The Government is also implementing the initiative of registering all the public servants to ensure that we contribute to the major government reforms in terms of payroll issues.”