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THE Government has to regulate brewing and sale of alcohol in the country properly so that related law and order problems are minimised effectively, says Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) northern end Peter Guinness.
He said that it would be better if cheap brands of liquor sold by liquor outlets and shops were banned.
“This is because the access to such liquor brands is not controlled well and that any person in any age group and every other person can have it,” ACP Guinness said.
He said it was one of the main factors that contributed to social disorder in the communities, further leading to serious law and order problems.
ACP Guinness said increasing levels of crimes in communities stemmed from consumption of cheap liquor with higher levels of alcohol and local homebrew. “One other concern is that those companies that produce those cheap liquors – if they can still be permitted to produce their products – then they must support the law and order sector in communities around the country,” he said.
“About 75 per cent of law and order problems faced in the country today are connected with cheap liquor products that are on the market now. The Government should direct companies responsible to assist law and order awareness in communities.
“And not only that, it has also triggered family and sexual violence, gender-based violence and others among community members.”
In relation to an incident at Walium Station in Madang’s Usino-Bundi, where a man was shot in the leg by police because of his behaviour in public, ACP Guinness said public perception was that police were wrong, but in the first place, he got drunk with the type of alcohol that was not properly regulated in the first place.
ACP Guinness said the perpetrators were the companies involved with producing cheap beers and alcohol drinks but police were sometimes blamed.


  • That is very true and reality.
    Also, increasing the price of highly brewed beers and put total ban on cheap brands/products should be more better to minimize alcohol consumption. Which would another way to reduces the law and order problem in the community/country.

  • This call by a man on the ground who knows some of the root causes of PNG’s law and order problems must be taken very seriously. We already know that alcohol is the main cause of social disturbances and violence amongst our growing youth population. These days drinking parties start on Wednesday nights and end on Sundays and we can not allow such evil to continue un-controlled. The government must take control now before alcohol alone destroys this country!

  • Alcohol is as valuable as any other consumables in our culture and is deeply rooted just like any other form of corruption and attitude problems existing in PNG.Alcohol nowadays has played a wider game of negative influences in our culture. If it means to put a stop then it has to be a complete stop or control at one central- legalised point.However,many things in PNG will take time to change because of our culture and attitude problems.Ask white people why they used to drink alcohol but with less or no alcohol related issues by average.Hope they will say ” we do things,but we are able to control”. PNG is just ill-filled with lots of immatured- uncontrollable people” especially those who cannot control their feelings and emotions. Increase court fine for all alcohol related issues and even the years in jail as well.Increase the level of punishment and penalties.

  • Alcohol percentages should be strictly regulated by the appropriate body to below 20 % right across PNG.. I can not believe seeing a hard stuff with 50%. . Youths of today consuming higher percentages of alcohol complain of Liver pain. It is an health issue now. If its not regulated properly then, obviously, PNG is slowly killing us.

  • Very valid point raised. I think more than 80% of the social disorder in the country is alcohol related problems.
    Please can you, government amend the act to total ban on the produce, sale and consume alcohol in the country to redeem the country from bad to worse?

  • ”a man was shot in the leg by police because of his behaviour in public, ” how can you shoot some one for just misbehaving in public area? This is not the right way to solve this matter and blame it on alcohol..
    ACP, your men can still do better, not by that mean…

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