Regulation needed for mobile phone pokies

Letters, Normal

The National, Wednesday October 30th, 2013

 THE Government, through the National Gaming Control Board, is trying its very best to control gambling among the more susceptible and low-income earning sectors of our society.

They are  heavily regulating the pokies industry.

But the actions of mobile phone companies such as Digicel appear to be undermining these moves. 

There is this game, known as Hunt, and other variants such as Shop, offered by Digicel which are easily accessible to all its customers because of the aggressive marketing strategy it utilises. 

It provides it as a promotion in the form of an unsolicited SMS to customers. 

It is not regulated because it costs 45 toea per credit (or per SMS), is available to all ages and income-earning groups as long as they use the Digicel network.

It is also not taxed like pokies.

This needs to be looked into. 


Mangi Mosbi

Port Moresby