Rehab training a life-changer for prisoners

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REHABILITATION programmes run by any prison camp are game-changers for inmates, Bomana prison acting commanding officer Yelly Oiufa says.
He said the primary role of the prison was to provide a safe, secure and humane environment for detainees so it was the prison’s responsibility to provide basic rehabilitation programmes, whether spiritual or physical.
Oiufa said Bomana had industry rehabilitation programmes running on a small scale.
The programmes include the agricultural section and livestock, technical, mechanical and carpentry sections.
Most of the technical, mechanical, carpentry and joinery or cabinet sections are operating on an ad hoc basis, meaning that on most occasions, funds were needed to operate them to deliver rehabilitation training.
The institution has qualified and certified officers as well but they need to be trained more on the aspects of managing their own sections so they can sustain their project activities after exhausting start-up funds.
Oiufa said plans were underway by the Correctional Services executive team to revive the technical, mechanical and carpentry sections for Tvet training for all technical trades, both in theory and practical.
He said the female wing programmes included gardening, sewing, handicraft or billum-making, life skills training and plans are underway for a mini bakery.

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