Rehabilitation work begins on Madang town roads

National, Normal

The National – Friday, December 10, 2010

A major rehabilitation work on many derelict streets of Madang town is underway – a welcome development for residents and visitors.
The project is a PIP project of the national government and supported by Madang provincial government.
The road rehabilitation is part of the multi-pronged and long term strategic efforts of Governor Sir Arnold Amet to restore the image of Madang town and province.
Madang-based local company, Equiplant Hires Ltd, has been engaged to rehabilitate the town roads which involves re-gravelling and sealing.
Another major road infrastructure improvement that had started was the extension of the Nabasa Road from its current termination point at the main gate of Divine Word University (DWU) with Independence Drive that leads out of the Madang Airport.
Once completed, the extended Nabasa Road will be a welcome “short-cut” to the Madang Airport from the town, banks, hotels, educational institutions, government centre and Modilon General Hospital. It would also ease the present peak hour traffic congestion at the main Modilon Road which connects the CBD and the rest of the town and the two highways leading into town and the airport.
The Nabasa Road extension, however, has meant the demolition of family homes in parts of the famous Gav Stoa and Wagol settlement.
 Settlement houses at the Independence Drive and Kerema Compound end of the project have been demolished and initial clearing work has been done with the Gov Stoa end to follow.
Affected families have been relocated.