Reimburse savings


EVERY time the government faces a situation, it runs and seeks help from the superfunds.
Now the Covid-19 has forced some contributors out of their consent for early withdrawal as a result of job losses.
Your turn to help.
While the private sector gets hit with job losses, non-essential public servants still cling on to their well-paid jobs.
Discriminatory is evident as the government does not bother to have a say to those private sector employees who lost their job as a result of the pandemic.
Cash rich superfunds are not charity organisations.
It is the fruits of individuals who invested for later day use.
The K600 million the Covid-19 assistance does not have any assistance to those who lost their jobs.
A portion from the K70 million for additional economic stimulus activities should be used as a reimbursement for early withdrawal.
Treasurer, you have the power to do this.
Consult relevant authorities and help reimburse the savings.

Just, fair and kind,

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