Reject violence: Namah

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OPPOSITION Leader Belden Namah has urged the people to reject any political party or candidate who wants to form Government using “violent and illegal means”.
Namah was commenting on the grade eight student who died after a beating during a General Election 2022 (GE22) campaign in Lae last Sunday – taking to 30 election-related deaths so far as reported by the media.
Namah said his PNG Party would not associate itself with violence during GE22 or at any other time.
“As leader of PNG Party, I have instructed all my candidates to steer clear of illegal practices and foul play, including violence during the elections,” he said.
“We are serious when we say we put ‘God First’ as our number one policy pillar.
“Any PNG Party-endorsed candidate who actively pursues a path of violence as a means to achieve his or her election win, we will disown.
“We disown the person because he or she goes against what this party stands for.
“I note with concern the election-related violence in Okapa, Eastern Highlands, and at Nadzab in Morobe.
“I wonder whether the shooting of a Returning Officer in Enga is election-related but I condemn such acts as heinous and barbaric.”
Namah said he had been to the Sepik region, East New Britain, Chimbu, Eastern Highlands, Western and Morobe.
“All the places I have gone to, there has been peaceful gatherings and rallies,” he said.
“We have our political opponents and we encourage them to explain their policies at our rallies so that our people are given a chance to choose which party and which candidate presents the best opportunities to improve the people’s welfare and living standards.
“This is what we should all be aiming for: improving the lives and welfare of our people.”

PM explains ‘Take back PNG’ policy

PRIME Minister James Marape says “taking back PNG and making it the richest country” is about giving economic independence to the people.
He explained that when he mentioned in his maiden speech as prime minister to make PNG the richest black Christian nation, it was not necessarily about money.
“(It) was merely about giving economic independence to the people,” he said.
“I wanted Papua New Guineans to be free, to be independent, to be economically independent.
“Why must we continue to work for foreigners?
“Why must we continue to export raw materials and let others make big money out of our resources?
“Why are we giving contracts to foreigners when we can help build Papua New Guinean businesses?
“I want Papua New Guineans to be able to afford the life that they want to live.”
Marape said “black” wasn’t necessarily about the skin colour.
“Black is symbolic for oppression,” he said.
“I want PNG to break free and learn to stand on her own feet.
“And Christianity is our belief, our identity.
“It’s captured in the country’s national anthem and pledge.”
Marape said the people should stop drawing conclusions and coming up with their own assumptions.
He said in 1975, the Pangu Pati fought for Independence.
“Today, Pangu will stand for taking back PNG and giving it economic independence,” he said.
“We did it in 1975, and we will do it again.
“It’s not going to be easy but it’s a long-term plan.
“One day, there will be many big PNG companies, 100 per cent owned by Papua New Guineans doing business locally and internationally.”

Law, order first business when Pangu forms govt: Marape

Women and children waiting to greet Prime Minister James Marape during a Pangu rally in Porgera, Enga, on Monday. – Nationalpic by REBECCA KUKU

ADDRESSING law and order will be the first business when the Pangu Pati forms the next government, says Prime Minister James Marape.
Marape said he would become the Police Minister to tackle the complex law and order issues in the country.
“Law and order issues in this country are complex and don’t get solved overnight,” he said.
“We need to build our police force and equip them with the resources they need. We also need to build and strengthen law and order pathways and systems.
“We can talk about development and infrastructure, but all these will come after we address law and order issues.”
Marape attended a Pangu rally this week in Porgera, Enga.
“Having and living in a safe environment is a basic right and the Pangu Party will continue to fight to improve law and order services,” he said.

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