Relatives claim victim of police shooting died with bullet lodged in skull

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The National,Friday 09th December 2011

RELATIVES of a primary school student they claimed was shot dead by police during the Lae uprising said the bullet was lodged in his skull.
They said Ano Momo, a Tent City Primary School Grade 6 student, from Bainduong, Nawaeb, was shot by police at close range in the back of the head.
Speaking on behalf of the family, Boni Napilo, told the media that the teenager in his last minutes alive had asked for water but then changed his mind and accepted death saying: “It’s alright. Forget about the water. I can die for the freedom of all Morobeans.”
Momo was one of the five Morobeans killed during the uprising. The relatives want the five young men to be remembered as heroes of freedom and peace for all Morobeans.
The relatives also commended the provincial peace and good order committee for supporting the five haus krai
in the city.
They have asked authorities to allow the bodies to be brought to them on Saturday night before the mass funeral in Lae on Sunday.
They pledged to work with the Haggai-led group.
Sowa Agiong represented the relatives of Donald Singas from
Pindiu, Finschhafen.
Jack Zure represented ward 13 councillor Wanjo Bokam from Poahom, Nawaeb.
Peto Kaldagaso from Menyamya represented the relatives of Japhet Buka.
Buka was the first casualty but his death was the last to be registered as linked to the uprising.