Relatives of Covid-19 person of interest threatens officers

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RELATIVES of the first Covid-19 person of interest (POI) on Bougainville have accused health officers of providing false report about their family member, Bougainville police commander Deputy Commissioner (DCP) Francis Tokura says.
“The relatives threatened the health officers at Arawa General Hospital, accusing them that they have falsely identified their relative as a POI,” DCP Tokura said.
“They also went to a guest house in Arawa and threatened medical doctors who went to Arawa from Buka to conduct the Covid-19 testing on the public.”
DCP Tokura said the relatives had threatened the health officers since Sunday.
“If they continue with such threats, we will have no choice but to shut down the hospital,” he said.
DCP Tokura said health officers on Bougainville had nothing to do with the swab test results.
“The health officers only took swab tests on that person upon arriving in Buka from Port Moresby on July 29.
“The swabs were then sent to the testing laboratory at the Medical Research Institute at Goroka, Eastern Highlands via the National Covid-19 Center in Port Moresby.
“When the results came back positive, the medical doctors called him up on the mobile number that he had provided when his swabs were taken.
“The doctors had advised him to come to them so that they could take him to an isolation centre for further observation.
“Instead, that POI mobilised his relatives and they got drunk and came to the hospital, harassing and threatening the medical staff.
“They are claiming that their relative was falsely (tested positive) as he is healthy.
“And that is risky because the POI is staying at his family residence in Arawa.”


  • I hope non of them get infected through that POI. Ol kam lo hausik salim ol go lukim tumbuna blo ol.

    They are careless and are defying Pandemic Bill requirements and need to be arrested for the sake of others in the community.

  • COVID 19 is just another disease and it doesn’t have a vaccine yet to cure the patient. What is so embarrassing about people being tested positive? Come on let’s grow up we are in the 20th century.

    • Even though no vaccine for COVID-19 is available, testing is done for saving lives by way of isolation and not spreading and is not embarrassing, Papa, yu nid long andastenim wok bilong helt sampela taim bikos yuno wanpela ainman tu.

  • As a citizen of arawa I’m just suggesting that could you please provide me with the Name, and phone number that they contacted that POI with so I can follow up again with him and also talk to his relatives because it’s so crucial. Let’s me and locals work with you the team and locate this infected personals.

  • Why are you threaten the Public by saying you have no choice but to shut down the Hospital??? Why can’t you just go and Arrest the whole family of the POI. Stop issuing threats.

  • Same is happening in Tabubil western province. Some idiots didn’t tell the truth that they came from pom. Instead lied their way past the check point hence avoiding the formal quarantine period of 14days. One went straight to work and his coworker few days later came down with the symptom hence causing the shutdown of tge mine and the lockdown. Roumors are going on that some of these people are now threateäning to sue the company and people that mentioned their names. They are not showing any form of remorse for their selfish, ignorant acts that would have potentially killed hundreds and thousands of innocent people. Can they be dealt with on pandamic act for wilfully avoiding tests, cheating with intent to kill?

  • Mr Tokura, your suggestion to shut down the hospital will make things worse and difficult for you. The hospital is for the people of Bougainville (Arawa). Health is a vital service. You cannot deprive the rights of all citizens to access medical services. Go look for this culprit(s) and deal with them accordingly.

  • They are not making threats to shut down the hospital. The hospital workers cannot do their work while they fear for their safety. The relatives have been threatening the hospital stuff. Pls understand.

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