Relatives of victim destroy properties

National, Normal

The National, Thursday 10th November 2011

RELATIVES of a driver, who was critically injured after transporting a Chinese man to buy rubber at Yano estate, Moreguina, Central, destroyed the company’s premises in retaliation.
Police said the company, Sangak Enterprise Ltd, was raided between 7am and 8am last Thursday.
A mob from Bomguina and Mera’ani village destroyed two vehicles, fencing and walls of the buildings.
Provincial police commander John Maru said the cost of the damage was yet to be confirmed.
Police said Nickson Maisa, who was driving Chinese businessman Peter Jiansan, was badly injured after four armed criminals open fired on their vehicle at the estate.
Maru said K12,000 in cash, a gas gun belonging to a police officer who escorted the buyer, and two mobile phones worth K2,300 were stolen.
Maru said the policeman, Constable Philip Au, and Jiansan, received bush-knife wounds to their heads.  
Maru said police who went to investigate managed to calm down the angry mob.