Relatives of victims call for government support

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The National, Monday November 4th, 2013

 RELATIVES of eight people buried in a landslide have called on Prime Minister Peter O’Neill to help them.

The landslide happened at Kenagi, on the section of the Highlands Highway between Watabung and Chuave on Saturday night. Another one occurred around 4am yesterday.

Speaking on the behalf of the landslide victims, David Mori and Fred Nime pointed out that O’Neill was quick to release millions of kina during the recent landslide in Hela.

“Given the importance of the Highlands Highway in relation to resource developments and service for millions of people from Chimbu, Jiwaka, Western Highlands, Southern Highlands and Hela, the Government must quickly respond to help in the search for the people trapped under the landslide,”Nime said.

He said elected leaders from the highlands should also step in to assist in the search. Mori said the Government’s immediate intervention was needed. 

“A similar landslide at the Lurape section of the highway in 2010 had no Government input,” he said. 

“The landslide buried three small girls who were on their way to school. We understand there was a Government commitment for the Lurape landslide but is yet to be fulfilled.” The Lurape landslide site is 2km away from the current site. The Daulo Pass and Watabung are prone to landslides and mudslides.