Relief after elementary school upgraded to ‘primary’ level


OVER the years, the people of ward 14, Labuta local level government in Nawaeb, Morobe, have been seeking quality education outside the LLG for their children.
In order for primary school students to attend class, they had to walk for three hours to Nabak LLG.
But that journey will no longer be necessary after Mika Elementary School was declared a primary school last Wednesday by Nawaeb MP Kennedy Wenge.
Wenge, who was accompanied by district elementary coordinator Saing Bogena and district school inspector Dimo Rongi, also witnessed the opening of a semi-permanent classroom and two bush material classrooms.
The declaration came as a relief for parents as well as children who had been denied basic education services in their LLG for decades.
With the declaration, the number of primary schools in the district rose to 41.
“Now that Mika Primary School is declared, I am asking you all look after it and make sure all children in this ward attend this school,” Wenge told parents.
He said education was a key component to develop LLGs and districts and improvements to the standard and delivery of education in the districts would support development.
“Support this school for the development of your children who will go on to be become your human resource,” he said.
According to Nawaeb school inspector Dimo Rongi, the district has 96 elementary schools, 41 primary schools and two high schools.
Rongi challenged the parents to keep supporting the new Mika primary school in any way they could.
Head teacher Michael Mayani said they were thankful for the recognition and new status.
District elementary school coordinator Saing Bogena said despite the long wait, the school would now be able to better serve the local community.

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