Relief food supplies seized

Lae News, Normal

The National – Wednesday, December 22, 2010

THE distribution of goods to people affected by the prolonged dry spell in Menyamya is being hindered by people wanting to help themselves first.
The people of Kwaplalim, who are not affected by the dry-spell, demanded they be given the goods.
Almost 20 tonnes of rice, flour, tinned foods, oil, salt and noodles were transported by road from Lae and stored at the Menyamya district office two weeks ago.
On its way to the affected areas of Ikumdi, Lagai and Wailala in the Kome sub-district, the people of Kwaplalim stopped the freight.
Since the incident two weeks ago, the Morobe disaster response team and Kome sub-district council manager Desmond Timiyaso including the district administrator for Menyamya, Bob Bigilam halted the distribution of goods.
Provincial disaster coordinator Tera Gauba drove to Menyamya last week to see how best he could distribute relief supplies.
Gauba returned to Lae and submitted the report to the Morobe provincial disaster chairman and administrator Kemaseng Tomala, National Disaster Centre director Martin Mose and chairman and state secretary Manasupe Zurenuoc to arrange a helicopter to airlift the relief supplies into respective areas.