Relief supplies sent to Western: Hamblin

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EMERGENCY controller Dr Bill Hamblin says a vessel carrying relief supplies such as food, water, tanks, medicine and water tablets enough for 6600 families is on its way to Western.
Hamblin, pictured, said an additional K100,000 worth of food will be sent to Daru.
“Supplies will be distributed to the most vulnerable communities along the Strickland and Fly rivers,” he said.
“The communities are suffering from the downstream effects of the earthquake. Their staple food sources were destroyed. Fish have died from excess sediment and lack of oxygen in the rivers. Sago is unusable.”
The vessel mv Capella is taking 56 metric tonnes of rice, 22 metric tonnes of canned tuna, corned beef, noodles, flour, cooking oil, salt, water, 61 900-litre water tanks, 540 tarpaulins, three boxes of water purification tablets, and 2000 litres of bottled water. They are expected to support the families for a month.
The distribution of the supplies is being worked out with provincial authorities.
Hamblin also assisted the health facilities in the remote Western villages of Dodomona and Mougulu by providing an electronic microscope, blood analyser, essential drugs and medical equipment.
He said there would be a second shipment of relief supplies at the end of the month.

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