Religous freedom acknowledged

National, Normal

The National – Tuesday, February 1, 2011

SEVENTH-Day Adventist church world leader Pastor Ted Wilson has praised Prime Minister Sir Michael Somare for the preservation of religious freedom.
Wilson, who is the SDA world church president said Sir Michael was a strong Christian leader who had faith in God and urged him to put God first in everything.
“One of our objectives is to pray for you and the country. There are three things stated in the Book of Micah 6.8 – ‘God requires of leaders to do justice, to love mercy and to walk humbly with him’.
“These three things are required of you from God to be a great leader,” he said.
Wilson and his delegation arrived from the United States last Thursday for a meeting in Port Moresby over the weekend before departing yesterday.
In welcoming the group, Sir Michael said PNG was a Christian country with various denominations practising their faith.
“We believe that things will work out for us and having faith in God we have survived as a nation during our difficult times.
 “We have many different churches in the country because our Constitution allows for such. These churches have and continue to pray for our nation and government, for which I am always grateful,” he said.
Sir Michael acknowledged the contribution by the SDA church towards the provision of basic services like education and health. He also commended the followers for being good law-abiding citizens.
The group prayed with Sir Michael, Deputy Prime Minister Sam Abal and Mining Minister John Pundari last Friday at the Morauta Haus.