Remember the true meaning of the season, says Dion



EAST New Britain Governor Leo Dion said many people have forgotten the true meaning of Christmas and are using it for commercial purposes.
Mr Dion said in his Christmas message that Christmas had become so commercialised that somewhere along the way, people had forgotten the person who was supposed to be celebrated – Jesus Christ.
He said Christmas Day should not be referred to as ‘Xmas Day’ and Jesus Christ should not be forgotten as he is the reason for the season and Christmas Day should be homage to Him.
Mr Dion urged people to celebrate the day in its true spirit of giving and the most valuable gift one could ever give another person was love, compassion and truth.
He said material gifts would just perish and in the great scheme of things would not really make a person happy.
He said it was time for people to sit down quietly and reflect on their life and attitude towards other people.
Mr Dion said the community itself was full of jealousy, envy, corruption, black mail, greed for wealth and other materialistic benefit which was even witnessed in the churches, business community and government.
He questioned whether leaders at all levels were truthful, honest, transparent and accountable for all their words and deeds in dealing with the affairs of the people in the community.
Mr Dion said people in the rural communities were in search for the correct information from governments, the public service, NGOs, churches and the business community and as leaders, the correct information about political, social and economic issues needed to be effectively communicated to the people.