Remington Tech trains staff

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The National – Tuesday, June 28, 2011

REMINGTON Technologies (RT) is committed to training its staff   to keep them updated with latest printing equipments in the market.
About 20 staff from its eight branches in PNG including Port Moresby recently underwent three weeks training in Port Moresby.
RT general manager Matthew Maguire told The National yesterday though it is an expensive exercise to train employees, it was  also important to keep them updated with latest changes.
“Our core focus is to continually improve our service and support.
“Though we invest heavily into all employee’s by sponsoring staff into mutually beneficial education such as CPAs, business diploma’s and management courses, in a reciprocal agreement with Konica Minolta, Remington invests considerably every year to bring   manufacturer trainer trainers to PNG to keep our technical staff update on all the latest equipment in the market”, Maguire said.
“The past three weeks has seen customer service engineers from around the country come to Port Moresby for manufacturer based training.
Maguire said Remington had witnessed significant growth in their operations in PNG.