Remote high school still waiting for tuition fee-free funds

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A SCHOOL principal in a remote area of Morobe says she is still waiting for the tuition free-fee funding from the Government.
Sialum High School principal Judy Keleino in Morobe said because of the distance she had to travel to reach Lae, it was expensive to buy food and school items there.
So last Saturday, she decided to travel by boat to Finschhafen to seek help from her fellow principal at the Dregerhafen Secondary School.
“I came to see my colleague principal at Dregerhafen to help me with ink,” Keleino said at Gagidu in Finschhafen.
“I will go back to Sialum to run grade 10 results before I send them home.
“Going to Lae right now is very expensive and I am waiting for the funds then I will travel.
“Otherwise, we’ll just get assistance from Dregerhafen and go back to school (Sialum).”
Keleino said if the funds came in, she would travel to Lae next week to get school supplies for the remaining weeks of the school term.
At Finschhafen, she also bought 70 bags of rice at a wholesale shop operated by an Asian and returned to Sialum with her boat skipper and crew.


  • Those who are working in the department responsible, please take quickly action without delay.Em ol lain long ples ya, oli panim hat liklik.We are going towards the end of the year and so please release all the remaining fundings for this year and we start fresh next 2021.

  • all corrupted officers still delaying everything and its coming to the end of the year already..
    Pasin blo PPNG bai ino inap pinis ya had lo totok.

  • Morobe education office workers are not competent to minimize those noisy schools. Every year you have a problem. You go and ask your Prime minister James Marape and your incompetent finance minister.

  • The hard work and commitment these Teachers need to go through to keep a school functioning is a miracle in itself .
    Politicians when you wake one morning and decide that ohh!!! you must have a High school or secondary school built in your district ,WOKIM SURVEY PASTEM NA SAVE GUT LO GUTPLA NA NOGUT BLO EM so Teachers are not severely handicapped every year just waiting or searching for funds to run the operations of a school because it is tiring in itself and effects Students academic work .
    Kudos to this Principal hope the scenario will change earlier rather then later…

  • PNG is a CHRISTIAN COUNTRY, is only a written Constitution in our Country constitution Book and also saying or spoken through different or various occasions by politicians, bureaucrats, etc.
    But in practicing and living as a christian and upholding the christian virtues and values is missing in the lives of majority, especially the hierarchy of our political, economical and church sector.
    I think they are waiting for the 2nd coming of Jesus and that is when they will start exercising those christian virtues and values. Wait and see!

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