Remote school gets laptops


THE Litehaus International of Australia has donated 12 laptops and a projector to the remote Lumusa Baptist Primary School in Western Highlands recently.
It was first of its kind for students attending a school in the remote part of the Mul – Baiyer district to receive such donation since its establishment in 1972.
Founder of Litehaus International Jack Growden and board member Keefe Easzon flew to Papua New Guinea last Friday and delivered the laptops and the projector to the school.
Litehaus International Western Highlands agent and Kopi tribe councillor Peter Raim, was also there to deliver the donations.
Growden said this brings the total of laptops donated to schools in Western Highlands to 24 in which 12 were given earlier to Kuta Primary School in Mt Hagen.
He said Litehaus International spent more than K5000 to come to Lumusa.
Growden said education was important to the people of PNG and computer skills should be introduced in classes.
“I am encouraging students and the teachers here to make use of the laptops and the projector to create a better future,” Growden said.

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