Remote school seeks financial help for new classrooms

The National,Monday July 4th, 2016

A REMOTE primary school in the Rai Coast district, Madang, is seeking assistance to build three double classrooms to cater for the growing number of students.
Teachers from other provinces and districts have mobilized support with the school board to put together a five-year development plan to seek assistance to build the infrastructure in this remote school from 2016 to 2020.
St Stella Sibog Primary School was established in 1983 and is registered through the National Education Department and comes under the supervision of the Catholic Education Agency of Madang.
However, since the school is located in a very remote area, accessibility to basic government services is lacking.
Teachers travel by motorized banana boat to Madang town at a fare of K70 one way during good weather.  Upon their purchases of basic household items in town they pay another K70 to travel back to Galek then walk 7-8 kilometre stretch up the mountain to the school. It usually takes four-five hours walk.
With the help of Dry Diwai Consultancy services, a five-year plan has been developed for the school.
The school is seeking financial help to build a double classroom and a teacher’s house in 2016 costing K500,000; a double classroom and two staff houses in 2017 costing K500,000; a double classroom and two staff houses in 2018 costing K500,000; an administration building and a store room in 2019 costing K500,000 and a boys and girls dormitory costing K500,000 in 2020.