Remote school tops grade 10


Oksapmin High School has again topped the country’s grade 10 and upgraded its status to a secondary school.
The school will start receiving grade 11 students next year, Telefomin MP Solan Mirism announced last week.
Students in the high school, situated in the remote mountains of the Telefomin, West Sepik, are known for excellence in schoolwork.
In 2016, their grade 10 class was ranked fifth out of all the high schools in the country. In 2017, they shot to the top.
They dropped to fifth last year, and this year the Department of Education ranked them number one again after completion of the grade 10 examinations.
“I’m so proud of this result,” said Mirisim, who is Forest Minister.
“The children there work hard despite all the difficulties we face in this remote part of the world,” There is no road access into the area.
A small airstrip provides the only means of transportation for the people.
Which means, school supplies and learning materials have to be flown in for the school children.
Parents pay about K1,000 at the start of each school year which is used to make freight payments to airlines so food and materials the children need are flown in before school starts.
“We are located in a remote area not connected by road.
“Food and school supplies have to be flown in from Wewak or Kiunga.
“ It is very expensive, but there is no other way to do it.
“We have to do all we can so school is not disrupted.”
Mirisim said one of the reasons he supported the reduction of school fee subsidy (TFF) to 50 per cent by the Government is because parents and the community should contribute to the successful education of their children.
“In Oksapmin, parents pay up front,” he said.
“They have been doing this since 2007, when the school was opened.
“The school does not wait for TFF subsidy.
“If they did, it would disrupt operations and affect performance because the TFF are always received late or not at all. Parents must pay.
“They must be engaged and involved with the administrators and teachers to ensure schools run smoothly.
“Oksapmin is a model to every school in the country, especially those in remote areas follow their example so our children attain good results.”
Mirisim said as Oksapmin converts into a secondary school next year, he will continue to provide financial assistance from his District Support Improvement Programme Funds.

One thought on “Remote school tops grade 10

  • Congratulations to Oksapmin High School. In praising the performance of the students we must not forget the teaching staff who are an integral part of the students’ success over the years. Likewise the Hon. MP must know that their success is not solely dependent on monetary matters. It is also about putting together and maintaining a teaching staff of elite and well trained teachers who have the ability to impart knowledge with clarity and in simplistic terms. Equally important is the roles parents and guardians play in the students’ personal lives. So there I’ve mentioned three (3) aspects: Financial; Technical; and Social – they have to work well together hand in hand for such success to be achievable.

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