Remote villages get safe water

National, Normal

The National, Monday 17th June 2013

 CLEAN, potable water and basic sanitation and hygiene practices are often inadequate in many remote communities such as Korofeigu in the Eastern Highlands. 

But a combined contribution from PNG Sustainable Development Program Ltd (K317,024), the Eastern Highlands provincial government (K300,000), Unggai-Bena district (K15,500) and the people of Korofeigu (K15,500) will see safe, adequate water supply and sanitation facilities made available to about 3,000 people in the area.

The construction of a water supply system and ventilated improved pit (VIP) latrines will benefit more than 1,100 households.

PNGSDP chief executive David Sode commended the project partners for their contribution to improving health and hygiene for this community. 

“Our budget for community projects has a limit so before we commit funding we need to assess the level of contribution from the grant recipients,” Sode said. 

“We were satisfied to see that a project of this magnitude received financial and in-kind contributions from the community as well as the provincial and district budgets. 

“I have no doubt that this project will bring tangible results. If projects like this are helping to decrease the number of citizens that visit a clinic for the treatment of water-borne and hygiene-related diseases, I think it is money well spent.”

The project funding agreements were signed yesterday and witnessed by the Eastern Highlands Governor Julie Soso and Lands Minister and Ungaai-Bena MP Benny Allan. 

The Adventist Development and Relief Agency of PNG (ADRA) will implement the project. ADRA will also train the locals on how to maintain these assets and provide information on community health and hygiene.  

“We can be doing more community projects, but need capable project partners that are able to provide the right information to us about a project concept – how it will work, who will contribute to it, how it will be maintained into the future, and other important information that meets our criteria for funding,” Sode said.

The project would reach the Kraviro, Bush Bata, Highway Bata, Nupa, Murito, Beneveto and Nagamito communities as well as the Korofeigu Primary School and the Four Square mission Bible College and health centre.