Remove assistant coach, Tigers

Letters, Normal

The National, Friday, May 20, 2011

AS a supporter of Lae Snax Tigers, I have been following the progress of the team for the past two months from the trials to the last two games against Enga Mioks and Mendi Muruks.
With all the hype and publicity the team genera­ted, two defeats in a row is not what the supporters and franchise owner expected.
It is obvious assistant coach Paul Emika is to be blamed for that. 
There have been complaints he is a control-freak.
He wants to control everything, from management to the game itself, even over-ruling the head coach’s decisions.
I wonder whether he was appointed or appointed him­self as assistant coach.
This is a joke that has gone too far.
Does he hold a coaching certificate?
From what I can see, he is a bully who constantly abuses his players and lacks management skills.


Silent observer