Remove controversial bureaucrats


I WOULD like to remind you Prime Minister James Marape of what my Western Highlands Governor and former prime minister Paias Wingti told you in Parliament when congratulating you on your election as the eighth prime minister.
He advised you have to be very careful of the people surrounding and advising you.
We are now into 2020 and after seven months in the office, Marape has to reassess certain bureaucrats who are still with him and are known for making and implementing controversial decisions that were suspected to be intentionally been overlooked by former prime minister Peter O’Neill.
In fact, it was due to such controversial performance that caused you (Marape) to get fed up and overthrew the O’Neill–Abel led government.
You have been a MP since 2007 and have to make tough decisions to put the nation’s interests first and remove these controversial bureaucrats.
What’s so hard about breaking personal relationship with these bureaucrats for the sake of the nation?
If you can remove O’Neill, who is so close to you, then there should be nothing stopping you from removing these controversial bureaucrats.

Joseph Tengen,
Former Mt Hagen Town mayor

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