Remove road blockade


I LIVE at 3-Mile and a daily commuter along the Taurama road.
I am disturbed to see this road blocked at the U-turn opposite the St John Ambulance, near a hotel. I do not understand the purpose of this blockage.
From my knowledge, there must be a permitted U-turn before any roundabout to avoid traffic congestion.
One such permitted roundabout is the one after Manu Autoport roundabout before the 3-Mile roundabout.
What if there is an emergency where a patient from the Paradise International Hospital must be taken to Port Moresby General Hospital.
Must they be driven right to the roundabout at the Taurama Road/Hubert Murray Highway/Wards road intersection?
It is time consuming that vehicles must wait if they have to remove the drum barricade.
Those responsible for the city roads, please remove this barricade immediately and provide smooth traffic to the commuters.

Frustrated daily commuter