Remove sharp bends at Zumim

Letters, Normal

IT is good to know that Markham MP Koni Iguan has the vision to see ahead.
He warned the government about the dangers of the sharp bends before and after the Zumim bridge.
But his warnings and also from other Morobe MPs, as usual, fell on deaf ears.
If the government had acted on the complaints earlier, the tragedy that befell Pastor Joseph Kingal and his family would not have happened.
If the government continues to stay idle, then I would have no choice but to support the Markham MP’s threat to block the road.
Although it will be an inconvenience to travellers, life is more important than money.
We cannot allow more accidents to happen on the same spot.
It is ridiculous that more than 50 people had been killed on that particular spot and yet no action has been taken to remedy it.


Kingston Iyampon