Renovate existing buildings in Jiwaka


THANK you to Prime Minister James Marape for his Christmas gift to the people of Jiwaka – K220 million to build the new provincial headquarters.
My gratitude also to Governor William Tongamp and his provincial executive council for making the effort to have Governor-General Sir Bob Dadae witness the signing for the development phase.
With that being said, why hasn’t the executive council decide to improve the existing headquarters which would make it easier to deliver essential government services in the Whagi Valley?
If you are thinking of building a better headquarters for the people of Jiwaka, there’s no need to look beyond what you already have.
Be realistic and source funds for the existing building. Physical planning, zoning or rezoning and service infrastructure all for a new building will use half the allocated funds.
The Kurumul temporary headquarter, built on Kurumul land, was an agricultural lease. Was it forfeited back to the State or landowners?
Are the Lands and Agriculture departments aware of this issue?
Is it being solved? Will there be any land issues in the future?
The Government’s allocation should be held and reverted to review, rebuild and improve existing centres – Minj as the headquarter for provincial administrative functions, Banz as the commercial centre and business headquarter and the provincial assembly at Keruwil because it used to be the council chamber in the 1960s for the Waghi local level government and was named after some Jiwaka founding fathers.
If you want to deliver services to your people, give them durable services that last. Be fair with the distribution of services that can link up Jimi to the north and Kambia to the south.
This is not just politics but a real conscience for better of tomorrow.
Consider these options.

Jeffrey Wamne Omungdam
Voice for the Manada