Renovate mobile squad barracks

Letters, Normal

The National, Tuesday February 11th, 2014

 FOR the last 15 years, the people of Kerowagi district have not benefited from any development or government service from successive MPs. 

Living within or close to the  township  where there is existing government services, for instance sealed road and electricity, including government agencies like the office of the district administrator, the district head office, treasury office, district hospital, schools, police station and mobile squad barracks to name a few, I still  see that not much attention is given to improve and maintain these important services.

If you have been to Kerowagi station, you will notice that the people have developed or initiated  changes  that has accounted for almost 85% of the development  that has taken place through their involvement in small to medium business.

The real development partners and agent of change were the educated professionals living in the district, province and outside centres, small business operators, public servants, former public servants, churches and individuals from outside districts and provinces living and working in both Kerowagi and Kundiawa. 

While  this is appreciated  and  viewed  as  a positive move by the people, the one agency that has put Kerowagi in many headlines and has been a household name for years has been neglected for far too long,  the  Kerowagi  Mobile Squad. 

I challenge the local MP to look into the renovation of  the barracks  as  one  of his priorities in his first term.