Reopen solicitor-general’s office in Mt Hagen

Letters, Normal

The National, Thursday 6th September, 2012

THE long closure of the solicitor-general’s office in Mt Hagen has denied the people of Mt Hagen and the highlands region of legal services provided by the government to the people.
I understand the office, which
is located at Agilta Kona Building in Mt Hagen, has been closed because of outrageous rental fees.
The office of justice and attorney-general occupied the first and the second floor of the building.
But from what I am told, the tenant never made any payment.
This is a grave concern to the small people who cannot afford expensive legal fees by private legal firms.
They have been poorly represented in courts where they have lost their cases as the problem
had forced the state lawyers not
to attend court cases mentioned
in Mt Hagen.
I have been advised by many people they have been well served by the solicitor-general’s Mt Hagen office and its closure has affected them.
I understand a significant number of cases brought against the state were defended by the solicitor-general.
But the closure may prove to be costly for the state.
In this case, the state may end
up paying heavily for default judgments which could be far worse than what is due in terms of the office rentals.
I appeal to the Department of Justice and Attorney-General to review the closure of the Mt Hagen office and pay the amount that is due for rental and have the office re­opened as soon
as possible.

Andrew Dupaim
Port Moresby