Repair work to wards complete

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The National, Tuesday February 11th, 2014

 RENOVATIONS in most wards at the Port Moresby General Hospital have been completed, with patients relocated back, chief executive Grant Muddle says.

On receiving a ventilator package from Price WaterhouseCoopers yesterday, Muddle said: “We have four wards fully renovated with patients inside and one to undergo reconstruction next week.” 

He said renovations of the hospital would be completed at the end of September and he hoped to have a clean and safe working environment free of infections.

The hospital aims to build an extra wing to cater for the children, maternity and dental wards under a master plan which is yet to be approved by the government.

Muddle said staff faced accommodation problems.

“The hospital plans to build 168 houses for its staff but this will take a while because they plan to use the K30 million budget for medical supplies and equipment apart from the renovations,” he said.

“The human resource is a very important issue here and we are determined to look after our staff so in return they will give their best service to the public.”

In relation to speculation about excessive fees paid for the labour and maternity wards, Muddle said they were incorrect information.

The fees, he said, were the same as in previous years.

He said fees still stood at K20 and not K500 as speculated on social media.