Repatriate settlers in Port Moresby


CENTRAL Governor Robert Agarobe and National Capital District (NCD) Governor Powes Parkop have for some time now exchanged words over land boundaries.
This has been going on for some time and needs some solution.
One of the practical solutions to this problem is to go to the root of the problem.
There are vast numbers of people flying into Port Moresby in search of jobs and many are unable to find them.
These persons need accommodation and they live with wantoks or build shacks on the hills and valleys hoping for better times.
NCD Governor Powes Parkop has suggested a solution, which is promoted by the former Moresby South MP Dame Carol Kidu to provide tickets for these people to return to their villages.
Funds for these tickets should come from Central government, NCD Commission, governors and MPs of people living in settlements and relevant government departments.
The funds can be provided by our donor partners such as Australia.
Australia is spending so much on police but the root cause of law and order problems is the influx of people into the city.
This fund could be administered by the airlines.
The tickets to passengers should be treated as loans.
They should be required to repay when they can.

Ajit Muttu