Repentance and the Bible


I WOULD like to share my views about National Repentance Day and an opinion shared by Rev Seik Pitoi in last week’s Weekender (Aug 31).
Any date or day that has no biblical significance (unless authorised by God) to mankind should not be commemorated.
National Repentance Day is gazetted by the government and endorsed by the churches, but the day itself has no biblical basis.
Repentance to God is a personal and daily exercise. It should not only happen once a year.
The Day of Atonement in the Jewish calendar should not be used as National Repentance Day.
Why? Because it was a ceremonial law that dealt mainly with the sin offering and was the shadow of the real sacrifice: Jesus Christ the Lamb of God.
Therefore, the National Repentance Day is not necessary to Christians.

Richard Max, Walis Island

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