Replace commissioner over poor performance

Letters, Normal

The National, Thursday July 11th, 2013

 I WRITE in response to the report regarding convicted killer Dr Theo Yasause enjoying the privilege of doing business in and out of his prison cell (The National, July 4). 

This has made a mockery of our Correctional Services (CS) and raises many questions about its management.

I believe the officer who leaked preliminary internal investigation reports was sacked because he revealed some “lucrative” activities in Bomana that would affect  CS officers’ supplementary income-generating activities. 

The people are sick of hearing about prisoners being given special treatment and escaping so easily like William Kapris or the “Yasause specials”. 

Show the commissioner the door if he cannot exercise control, command and respect within the CS establishment. 

Save the government’s resources so as to maintain  barracks roads, staff houses and other facilities within the prisons. 

Because of the management’s failure, the national government is forced to spend millions of kina running after prisoners when they break out. 

It is time the chief secretary and the prime minister take a tough stand on the commissioner.



West Goroka