Report absent teachers: Sori


Schools, parents, school boards and churches are urged to report to the Teaching Service Commission teachers who have deserted their allocated classes but remain on the payroll
“The commission is concerned that some teachers completed resumption forms this year to resume duties in 2017 but have absconded from work.
“They are receiving pay but not teaching and students are missing out on learning,” TSC chairman Baran Sori said
Sori said the commission was aware that some head teachers were not reporting such matters to their education authorities.
“The commission now calls on head teachers, education authorities, school board members, parents and citizens to report directly to the commission names of teachers, who are not in school after resuming duty this year,” he said.
“Our children’s’ education is everybody’s business and the commission calls for everyone’s support in this area.”
Sori urged the public to report directly to the commission either by writing, calling or faxing.
Contacts are: Teaching Service Commission P O Box 6268, Boroko, NCD or call 3013325, 3073307, 3013581, 3013308, 3013317 or fax 3013326
Sori said the name of the teacher, school, district, province and date the teacher left the schools were brief information the commission would need to deal with them.
“The commission will be happy to receive names of such bad teachers and take appropriate action,” Sori said.