Report and retraction


I READ with interest in both dailies, the purchase of a VX Landcruiser by PNG Ports Corporations board for its managing director’s office, and the subsequent retraction by the Post Courier of a story that ran in the Drum column last Friday (9/8/19).
The position of the managing director has been advertised and the process of selection is underway.
So for a story like this to surface both in print and social media can only point to people or applicants for the job trying to rig the process and tarnish the integrity of the incumbent acting managing director.
For any big company worth its salt, to attract the best qualified and talented people, it must have an attractive and competitive remunerative package.
If it means buying a VX then it’s the board prerogative to do what it pleases.
Provided the ideal candidate delivers to the profitability of the company concerned.
PNG Ports net profit for the first half of 2019 was K35.7mil, just K9.3mil short of the overall profit made by the company in 2018 (The National, Aug 8, 2019).
So now, the PC has rightly retracted the Drum column (12/08/19).
Despite the retraction, a professional reputation built over many years is already tainted.
It’s a bit too late as the proverbial “horse has bolted”.
Facebook warriors and journalists should question their interest before posting or printing anything of national importance.
If it’s in the interest of PNG Ports, then the board has already spoken through a board resolution.
If it’s in the national interest of PNG then the PM James Marape has already articulated “Take back PNG”. It means to take back PNG not from foreigners but from ourselves: our mindsets have to change from this crab-like mentality; “one crab in a container rises, all the other crabs in the container pull him down”.
We change ourselves then we change the world.
This example personifies that slogan “Take back PNG”; where a young national executive who came through the education system of this country rises to the zenith of Corporate PNG has to be questioned over the purchase of a VX for the managing director’s office by its board.
Mind you, if the acting MD was an expatriate I doubt anyone would question this.
Let all the former and current employees of PNG Ports and all who are vying for the top job relax and let the selection and due process conclude and permanent appointment take place.

Raintree Boys
East Brooke

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