Report complaints to customer care


MOBILE would like to reach out to Unit Waste, Goroka, whose letter was published in The National last Friday.
The letter mentions poor mobile phone coverage in Goroka.
Bmobile would like to invite him/her to contact our customer care team to report and discuss their issue.
Feedback from our valued customers is critical in ensuring that we continue to improve service standards where required.
While we cannot always respond to every customer complaint instantaneously, we certainly endeavour to address all customer complaints as swiftly as possible.
To assist us, we require specific information pertaining to any customer complaint:

  • WHAT? Describe the nature of the issue;
  • WHERE? Report your location when you experienced the issue; and,
  • WHEN? Tell us the date and time the issue was experienced, and how long it was experienced for.

This information will assist us to identify the issue and determine how to resolve it as quickly as possible.
If you or anyone you know has any queries for bmobile, we invite you to contact our customer care team.


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