Report exposes anormalies on teachers’leave fares

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The National – Friday, June 24, 2011

A NEW National Research Institute article released this week has called on provincial administrators and education advisers to address recurring problems surrounding teachers leave fares.
The report highlights that although K20 million of the national budget had been allocated for teachers leave fares annually, many teachers who were eligible for leave biannually were not receiving it.
Report author Dr Musawe Sinebare said provincial administrations and their education advisers “have a duty and responsibility to manage funds for teachers leave fares and improve the management and administration of the funds”.
He said one way this problem could be addressed was through the creation of a database that would maintain up-to-date data on all teachers and their positions. 
He said other problems surrounding teachers leave fares could be addressed by:
* Disciplining provincial administrators found to be diverting funds for teacher’s leave fares without approval from the Department of Treasury;
* Investigating allegations of corruption through provincial authorities and disciplining officials and where warranted, terminating them immediately if found guilty; and
* Removing or replacing incompetent officers as soon as possible;
Sinebare said the issues surrounding teachers leave fares “are not difficult or impossible to address”.