Report in on Bomana breakout

National, Normal


ACTING Correctional Institutional Services (CIS) Commissioner Henry Wavik says a preliminary report on the Jan 12 escape from the Bomana prison was discussed at the National Executive Council (NEC) in Kimbe, West New Britain province, last week.
However, he could not disclose any details discussed by NEC members.
Last month, Prime Minister Sir Michael Somare had tasked the National Security Council to submit a report on the escape from the prison’s maximum security facility to the Government within a month.
Mr Wavik said internal CIS and police investigations were still in progress before a full report could be completed, which would include findings into the alleged involvement by outsiders who may have been involved in orchestrating the escape.
He indicated that police and CIS investigators were also trying to establish the reason behind the escape and if others in the community might have had an interest in bank robbery suspect William Nanua Kapris’ escape.
It is uncertain if the report would also include prominent figures in the Government who have been alleged to be connected to the most wanted bank robber and reasons and outcome of the alleged visitations to Kapris in recent weeks after his recapture.
Mr Wavik was preparing to go on a tour of the Lakiemata jail in West New Britain province last Friday afternoon after the NEC session when he was contacted by The National.
Meanwhile, city police confirmed last Friday afternoon that recaptured suspect John Siko Wel is still under sedation and treatment in the Port Moresby General Hospital to prevent his gun shot wound, sustained during his recapture last Thursday, from infection.
While a medical specialist had confirmed last week that it was likely that Siko Wel’s wound on his right knee would have to be amputated due to heavy loss of blood, it is still uncertain to date as to when the amputation would take place and why it is being delayed.