Report: More vehicles, more deaths

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The National, Wednesday July 31st, 2013

 THE number of motor vehicles on our roads has increased by 26,872 since 2008, according to official figures.

The figures released by the Motor Vehicles Insurance Ltd (MVIL) showed an increase in associated accidents, some resulting in deaths from 2008 to last year.

A public notice by MVIL said the economic boom resulting in major developments such as the LNG project had seen the continuous growth in the number of motor vehicles and corresponding accidents and deaths.

It suggested that this could be solved if responsible agencies took appropriate preventive measures to ensure public safety on the roads.

The board and management of MVIL will launch a two-year road safety awareness campaign with the theme “Never forget road safety”.

The awareness campaign will involve a number of prominent public figures such as Sir Paulias Matane and Dame Carole Kidu.

“Although road safety awareness is not our core business, MVIL is embarking on this initiative in partnership with the National Road Safety Council as a stakeholder’s response to address road safety and the increasing number of road accidents,” the statement said.

Motor vehicle owners, passengers and the general public are urged to take heed of road safety and be considerate when using the road.