Report notes rise in human development

National, Normal

The National, Tuesday 29th November 2011

PNG is reported to have recorded an increase in terms of human development, according to the human development index (HDI) report 2011. 
The report stated that PNG’s HDI value increased from 0.313 to 0.466, an increase of 49% between 1980 and 2011.  
This increase is above the average of 0.456 for countries in the least category – low human development, of which PNG is a regular. 
PNG is ranked 153 out of 187 countries in the world.
The HDI of a country is measured by environmental sustainability, human development effects of environmental threats, perceptions about well being and the environment, education and health and population and economy.
Last year, the HDI showed that PNG was 0.413 and the ranking was 137 among 169 countries. 
It is reported that PNG has produced notable improvements in key aspects of living standard.
With the gender inequality index (GII), which shows gender-based inequalities, PNG has a GII value of 0.674, ranking it 140 out of 146 countries in the 2011 index.
Life expectancy at birth increased by 10 years, years of schooling increased by 3.2 years and expected years of schooling increased by 1.8 years.
This year, 18 countries were included in the report, increasing the total number of countries to 187 from 169 last year.
The report was launched by National Planning Minister Sam Basil and the UN resident coordinator David MacLachlan-Karr in Port Moresby last Wednesday.
MacLachlan-Karr said: “This is a clear progress and PNG has the capacity to do even better and sustain these gains if a policy and legal enabling environment is promoted for the implementation of the country’s development strategies.”
The report advocates for global sustainability policies that consider equity and long term human development progress including needed legal and political reforms.
Basil said the O’Neill-Namah government is focused to “re-engineer the economy and society to achieve meaningful development results to reach high level of performance in health, education and standard of living.
“We will ensure that development is equitable to all and the environment is sound and sustainable for all and the future of the country,” Basil said.
The theme of the 2011 HDI report is ‘Sustainability and Equity: A Better Future for All’.