Report on teacher’s affairs not released

Lae News, Normal

The National- Monday, January 17, 2011


THE investigations into the conduct of a principal of one of the oldest school’s in Lae for his unethical conduct for having an affair with a female staff were carried out in 2009.

Teachers and parents said that the investigation was done by a senior officer of the provincial division of education.

A concerned parent raised the issue in support of a teacher who last week said that the finding of the investigation had not been released.

“The parents and the community are waiting while the affair worsens in the eyes of staff and students,” the parent said.

Among other allegations leveled at the principal are the misuses of funds over last two years and his liaison with a female teacher and the subsequent elevation of the woman to a department head and member of the school governing 


This year, he was alleged to have selected Grade 10 students from his district to attend Grade 11 in the school.

Of more than 200 Grade 10 students, only 135 were selected to continue into Grade 11 while the rest were made up 

of students from his district.