Report: Salt solutions low

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The National- Friday, January 14, 2011


ORAL rehydration salts (ORS) are badly needed in large quantities for distribution to all established ORS points in Western including the new ones that would be set up.

This is one of the main points highlighted in a situation report by the province’s cholera response committee on Monday.

The report stated that there was an excessive amount of Hartmann’s solution (IV fluids) and that they (committee) did not need any more.

“In fact, a lot of Hartmanns will need to be sent back to Port Moresby for re-supply elsewhere,” the report said.

Last month about 6.5tonnes (374 boxes) of IV fluids were flown by the PNG Defence Force Casa aircraft from Port Moresby to Daru.

According to Health Department surveillance officer Berry Ropa, the supplies were made available by the department upon an assessment report by the response committee.

Even Governor Dr Bob Danaya said the fluids were “most important” as it saved people’s lives however the latest situation report stated the opposite.

The report stated that IEC materials (posters) were needed inside and outside of the hotspot areas.

“Utensils for boiling water (we propose 10l pots) are needed in the Bamu/Gama/Turama River areas. The task force will be purchasing 1,600 of these to distribute along with water containers.

“This estimate is based on the at risk population of this area of approximately 14,000 people with an average family size of eight.”

The committee also pointed out that more water containers were needed in all hot spot areas while another 10,000 collapsible narrow neck 10L water containers for distribution.

“Until appropriate safe water supplies are established in the river communities of this province, storage of boiled water is the choice option that will reinforce the public health and risk communication messages of boiling water and using/storing it for use.”

The deaths are  330 with no new cases reported since Dec 24 while the number of cases was 3, 564 as of last Thursday.