Report: Student died from bullet wound

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The National, Friday June 21st, 2013


A POST mortem report into the death of the late Tobias Hombi has revealed that he died from loss of blood due to a gunshot wound.

The post mortem report, released by the Angau Memorial Hospital, said the Grade 11 Bugandi Secondary School student was shot at the front of his neck and the bullet penetrated his larynx (voice box) and exited near his left shoulder.

This report puts to rest earlier conflicting reports in the media that Hombi died of stab wounds inflicted by a sharp object. 

The report done on June 6 however did not specify the type of bullet that caused Hombi’s death and whether it was fired from a factory-made gun or another type.

Mamose acting Assistant Commissioner of police Nema Mondiai on Wednesday said police have received the post mortem report but cannot establish the type of bullet used as technical requirements were involved.

“The bullet is sent to Australia for a ballistic test to identify the type of weapon used,” Mondiai told The National.

It is unclear whether the bullet that was reportedly sent to Australia for the ballistic test was retrieved from late Hombi or his injured colleague Dima Dobbie. 

Mondiai said the country does not have proper facilities to conduct ballistic tests therefore it was necessary for the test to be done in Australia.

He said if investigations revealed that police were involved in the death of the student than they would be told to explain why they have discharged firearms against the fighting students.